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Published on April 18th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


Wish You Were Near a Startup Hub? 4 Options

Startup hubs are nice, but what if you’re not in one?

Silicon Valley is a hotbed for tech startups, and has been for decades now. Silicon Prairie, sometimes described as encapsulating my city (Cleveland), isn’t quite as robust, but still has dozens of organizations and entrepreneurs to support new interested entrepreneurs and further startup growth.

Living in one of these areas is highly rewarding for a prospective entrepreneur. You’ll be instantly connected to people who understand what it takes to launch a startup, you’ll have an easier time getting funding, and you’ll be motivated simply by the fact that you’re in such a hot startup hub. But what if you don’t live in a startup hub, and you have a strong startup idea?

You have four options if you want to see the benefits:

  1. Move. If you live far away from the nearest hub, it may be worth considering a move, at least temporarily. Even if it costs you a few thousand dollars and moves you away from family for a few years, it could give your startup the advantage and kick-start it needs to survive those tough first few years.
  2. Commute. Of course, if you live somewhat near a startup hub, you could take advantage of the big city and simply commute when you need to. For example, you could take advantage of a shared office space in the city, and only drive in once a week, or you could drive to the city and stay there throughout the week, and come back home for the weekends.
  3. Network. If moving and commuting aren’t options, you could at least take advantage of the area by attending big networking events that pass through. Alternatively, you could find new contacts from the area on LinkedIn and other social platforms.
  4. Build Your Own. If you can’t join an existing startup hub, you could always try to start one of your own. Collect entrepreneurs in your city together and do what you can to build your own independent community.

Obviously, it’s possible to create and launch a successful startup even if you don’t live in a major startup hub; it’s just much harder if you go that route. If you choose one of these four main strategies, however, you’ll be able to reap the benefits as you put your company together. Consider them as you piece together your initial business plan.

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is a serial entrepreneur and tech specialist dedicated to helping startup tech companies grow and succeed. As the founder of Build. Brand. Blast., Jose has worked with dozens of enterprises to find direction, gain momentum, and achieve results.

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