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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


What the Kids Are Doing Startup Tech Companies and New Generations

Startup tech companies need to understand the latest trends through the eyes of young adults. App innovations are coming from younger and younger generations.

In a sense, young people control the world. Teenagers and young adults are largely responsible for dictating the latest trends, both in pop culture and in technological innovations.

A recent story written by Dinah Wisenberg Brin, for Entrepreneur,  focuses on a 17-year-old app developer who left school to develop apps full time—and is reaping the benefits. Young developers seem to have a naturally greater tendency to create unique applications. It could be a superior imagination, or a greater amount of free time; whatever the case may be, many of the world’s most popular and innovative applications are coming from younger generations.

Does this mean you should consider hiring a kid to help code and develop your innovations? Not necessarily.

Hiring Considerations

The most successful teens and young adults in the world of technology are the ones who have their own ideas and want to make them grow. As a startup tech entrepreneur, you likely have your own vision; if that’s the case, it may be difficult to find a young person talented, flexible, and experienced enough to make that vision a reality.

You need to find someone with enough experience and passion to work with you on something that evolves over time. Trying to extract such a commitment from an inexperienced worker, even if they are imaginative, could end up doing more harm than good for your company.

Getting Perspective

Even if you avoid hiring a young worker, it’s still important to understand the perspectives and attitudes of today’s youth. Teenagers may not be your primary demographic, but they are still a large audience that tends to dictate the trends the rest of the world follows. When you’re getting ready to position your startup tech company, be sure to do some market research that includes young demographics.

Young people will always be a little ahead of the curve, but you can use this to your advantage as an entrepreneur. Whether you use young adults to get some fresh insight or merely observe their trends, you can shape your technology and your company more effectively with the extra knowledge.

Click on the following link to read Dinah’s Entrepreneur article, The New Cool Kids: Teenage-App Developers

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