Growth 032714 10 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Isn't Working in Startup Tech Companies

Published on July 11th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


What Most Startup Tech Companies Get Wrong About SEO

SEO is a common marketing choice, but many startup tech companies get started on the wrong foot.

If you’re a young startup and you want to grow fast, you’ve likely thought about all the marketing and advertising campaigns that could earn you the brand visibility you need to succeed. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-efficient strategies you can pursue, and you might already know this; SEO is relatively inexpensive, it’s a long-term investment with greater payoffs the longer you use it, and it affects a number of other digital marketing strategies peripherally. But before you pursue an SEO strategy, you should know there are some common misconceptions and misuses of the strategy that tend to plague tech startups.

They Opt for Fast Results

First, in a bid to grow their business as quickly as possible, startup tech entrepreneurs end up opting for fast results. They knowingly or unknowingly use “black hat” tactics like buying links or spamming keywords, which violate Google’s terms of service and could leave you with a penalty rather than a ranking increase. They also forgo important foundational strategies like thoroughly optimizing their core websites in favor of flashier efforts. Remember, SEO best functions as a long-term strategy; don’t take shortcuts.

They Favor Machines Over People

There are ways to optimize your writing for search engines, such as including more target keywords and restructuring your formatting. However, your human readers and visitors should always come first. If you write for machines instead of people, your site and brand are going to suffer.

They Skimp

I understand that most startups don’t have an extensive marketing budget, but the tragedy is that too many entrepreneurs end up skimping on their SEO campaigns. If you want to see favorable results, you’ll need to make a significant investment (of time, money, or both).

If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, or starting an SEO campaign of your own, I’ve had nearly a decade of experience in the field, and can help you get the results you want. Contact me today!

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