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Published on July 17th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Using Google Hangout for Startup Tech Companies

Startup tech companies need a reliable, efficient means of virtual communication, and Google Hangout is one of the best for entrepreneurs.

One of the first things you’ll need to find for your business is a streamlined method of communication that can be accessed by anybody in virtually any location. No matter who your target audience is, how many employees you have, or how often you’ll be speaking, you’ll want to make sure you have a technology solution ready at your convenience.

Rob Rossi, a social media expert and leading mind in the world of startup marketing, delves into five main reasons why Google Hangout has more advantages than a simple webcast:

  1. Google Hangout has technical capacity that supports functionality like up to 10 chat participants, recording, and optional publications to YouTube with privacy features.
  2. It’s easy to watch as a viewer and as a participant in the chat. It makes for a streamlined panel discussion, bridging the gap for distant communicators.
  3. The format is more conducive to a dialogue, as opposed to most conventional webcast platforms, which adopt more of a basic question and answer style format.
  4. It’s very informal. While some people might prefer a more formal setting, Google Hangout makes a perfect platform for a loose, casual conversation—and usually ends up being more productive that way.
  5. People are more free to speak, meaning you’ll get more reactive, dialogue-driven information out of every interaction.

As a startup tech company entrepreneur, you’ll be able to see all these benefits almost immediately. If you’re in the first phases of building and developing your business, you can use Google Hangout to communicate with your partners and potential clients. As you start developing your product and perfecting your business model, you can use it to communicate with investors and wider audiences.

This article isn’t necessarily meant to be a commercial for Google Hangout. However, I’ve found it to be one of the most easily accessible and usable webcast technologies on the web. Even if you do not ultimately go with Google Hangout, the information here should point you to a solid alternative option.

Read Rob Rossi’s original story here

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One Response to Using Google Hangout for Startup Tech Companies

  1. Google hangouts is great for startups. In fact, startups should “cut the cord” entirely on the phone systems. Not having a dedicated business line that can be answered as a business is bush league but what I know now, and didn’t know in prior companies, is that there are cloud solutions for business telephone lines that integrate with a cell easily for next to nothing. Google voice is not the only answer

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