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Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Trust in Startup Tech Companies: Spotting a Liar on the Inside or Outside

Entrepreneurs need to be able to trust their teams and business partners, and a new study from Harvard might make it easier to spot a liar in your midst.

So you think you’re a human lie detector, spotting fidgeting hands and shifty eyes?

A recent study from Harvard explored the real habits liars use when trying to deceive others. With a simple game based around lying or telling the truth, researchers found three big behavioral tendencies liars seem to revert to:

  1. Constant talking
  2. Lots of swearing
  3. An avoidance of “I” statements

Watching for these signs might help your startup technology company stay lean by weeding out liars and avoiding business with the dishonest—but it might also make you a crazy person.

Let’s look at each of these habits as they might apply to the world of business, shall we?

Constant Talking

If never shutting up is a sign that someone is lying, I’ve never met an honest salesman in my life. Salespeople and businesspeople are always talking, which is actually a good sign if it’s because they’re passionate about what they’re doing.

Lots of Swearing

Startup tech companies experience moments of frustration. Lots of them. Swearing can be a healthy outlet and a sign of comfort in an environment—so maybe not the best sign of dishonesty in the business world.

An Avoidance of “I” Statements

Most entrepreneurs love to talk about themselves… so it would definitely be fishy if you meet one who never mentions him/herself in conversation.

Maybe these habits aren’t as useful to monitor as they originally seemed… but there is an important item to note here: The Importance of Team Trust

It’s silly to monitor your employees like a human lie detector,

but it is important to have a team you can trust completely.

You want to surround yourself with hardworking, honest people that you can depend on, and remain dedicated to building a cohesive, collaborative team. Only in an open, trusting environment can your business eventually realize its true potential.

The results of the Harvard study are worth noting, but these principles might not help you keep a better business. What will help you is building and retaining a team of people you can really count on and not worry about someone lying in the first place.

Click on the following link to read more about the Havard study in Jessica Stillman’s article3 Ways to Spot a Liar.  

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  1. Abdulaziz says:

    You’re right starting my conampy was difficult too. In fact, everyday is a challenge. But I get to do what I love (photo, video, design) so it’s a lot better than crunching numbers at a desk job or stuck working for a corporation that doesn’t have the same goals as I do. Thanks for this site Jesse. It looks great and has good, useful content too.

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