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Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Top 10 Branding Strategies for Startup Tech Companies

The right branding strategy can mean the difference between a startup tech flop and a game changing technology powerhouse.

Branding focuses on building the perception of your company and your product, marketing your unique idea to the masses. Follow these top 10 branding strategies to find the right balance for your company.

1. Research Before You Execute

Only create your branding strategy after you’ve done the preliminary research. See what others are doing and how they’re faring in the marketplace.

2. Create a Distinctive Logo

Your startup tech company is revolutionary—your logo should reflect that. Create a logo that conveys your modernity and authority, and use it every chance you get. Hire a professional designer if possible.

3. Write a Concise Tagline

Witty is good, but accurate is better. Write a tagline that captures the essence of your technology or business in 10 words or less.

4. Establish a Voice

Informal? Formal? Entertaining? Informative? Your marketing voice needs focus.

5. Know Your Audience

Develop your brand based on who you’re going to sell. Think about the age, race, gender, and social preferences of your target audience.

6. Keep it Simple

Don’t go overboard with colors and embellishments—the most successful startup tech companies in the world use branding strategies that focus on minimalism.

7. Avoid Clichés

It’s easy to fall into the trap of clichéd brand promises, like offering “great customer service” or “results driven performance.” But the market is already flooded with buzzwords—you need something truly unique to reach your audience.

8. Deliver Your Promises

Your words are nothing if you don’t follow through. Branding your company should involve a promise to your customers, but never make a claim you can’t back up.

9. Keep Tangible Standards

You should have a full set of brand guidelines—including templates for your marketing materials and strict rules to ensure a consistent look and feel. Make sure everyone in your organization adheres to them.

10. Be Consistent 

The mother of all brand strategies. No matter what collateral or applications are involved in your brand strategy, you need to keep everything consistent. Repeated inconsistency in colors, voice, or commitment will negate your branding efforts.

Developing a great startup tech brand takes time, so don’t try and rush it. Keep these strategies in mind when launching your business, and follow through to preserve your momentum.

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