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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


The Perfect Tech Strategy for Startup Tech Companies

Startup tech companies need a solid tech development and implementation strategy, but sometimes it pays to look to adoption models from other industries.

Finding a solid strategy for developing and launching your startup technology can be difficult—and tiring if you’re wading through the same old sources. In this article, I take a look at an unconventional strategy for nonprofit organizations and retool it to fit neatly into a startup tech business model.

Bo Crader, a founding member of Blackbaud and a senior business strategist, recently published an article exploring technology strategies for startup nonprofit companies. The simple strategy, outlining a progressive model for IT expansion, can be applied sensibly to a startup tech company’s initial tech product launch.

Crader’s plan includes a basic four-step model that nonprofit companies can use to effectively and cheaply find IT solutions:

  • Plan for long-term sustainability so you aren’t just finding temporary fixes to get through an immediate need.
  • Seek IT donations or other cheap ways to gather technology help.
  • Begin only with crucial items, and leave room to expand.
  • Make security a priority and be sure to comply with all legal requirements.

While originally intended for nonprofit companies, this advice is also highly relevant for startup tech companies because:

  • Startup tech companies often have little initial funding
  • Startup tech companies have little time and few resources
  • Startup tech companies need a minimum viable product to launch

So now that we understand the needs and unique elements of startup tech companies, we can reexamine Bo Crader’s advice and create four steps of our own to effectively develop and integrate your unique technology:

  • Always focus on the long-term implications
  • Utilize free resources and community help whenever possible
  • Focus on getting a minimum viable product
  • Make security a priority

Once you’ve created a strategy to effectively put these steps into action, you can build and flesh out your technology much more quickly and efficiently. It’s a perfect strategy to get your top tech products into development fast and with as few obstacles as possible.

Read Bo Crader’s original story here

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  1. Johnette says:

    Hola Juan, es verdad que me ausentado un tiempito, debido a la falta de este preciado bien, aunque de pasito he estado leyendo, pero ofresco igualarme jaajjaaajj, saludos a todos.

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