Human Resources 041714 How to Maintain Company Culture While Undergoing Expansion in Startup Tech Companies

Published on October 24th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


The 7 Rules for Creating a Healthy Work Environment in Startup Tech Companies

You need a healthy work environment if you want to be successful.

If your startup tech company has employees, you need to make sure you have a healthy work environment. A positive, welcoming, efficient work environment will help your employees be more productive, stick around for longer, and have higher morale while they’re there.

So what exactly do you need to accomplish to make your work environment “healthy”?

  1. Create a culture. First, you need to create a company culture. This is a written set of rules, policies, habits, and customs that makes your company different from others (and it should be tied into your brand). Your culture can go in many different directions, but it needs to be formally documented.
  2. Be consistent. Once that culture is established, you need to make it consistent. Employees need consistent expectations, or they’ll become anxious, or confused about what’s acceptable and what’s not.
  3. Provide leadership. At the head of every company should be a strong leader, who sets a good example on a regular basis. Be the person you want your employees to be, and be available for advice and direction.
  4. Encourage communication. Create a workspace where your employees are able and willing to communicate with each other. Open conversation should be a mainstay of your operation.
  5. Facilitate personal bonds. Your team will work together happier and more efficiently if they have some kinds of personal bonds with each other. Host team events and encourage your employees to get to know one another so those connections can form.
  6. This is one of the most important rules: listen to your team. If they talk about how much they love certain features of your workplace, highlight them further. If they have complaints or concerns, listen to them—and potentially address them.
  7. Be flexible. Make sure to accommodate some of your employees’ requests, whether it’s for breaks, time off, or new workplace features. You don’t have to bend over backward, but you should at least reward your employees with perks occasionally.

Your work environment doesn’t have to mimic the cultures or approaches of other environments, but it should follow these basic rules if you want it to succeed. Your employees can make or break your company, so give them the foundation they need to be successful.

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