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Published on February 7th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


The 5 Golden Management Rules of Successful Startup Tech Companies

Follow these golden management rules to build and maintain a successful startup team.

Startups can’t be successful without a successful team, and to have a successful team, they have to have a successful manager. That might be you, the entrepreneur, in smaller-scale operations, or it might be a handful of managers you’ve selected in larger ones. Either way, you’ll be setting the tone for the organization and establishing the management practices that lead your business to success or failure.

There are many different styles of management—from laid back to intensive, for example—and none of them is explicitly “right” or “wrong.” However, there are certain “golden rules” that apply to all businesses and all people, and if you follow them, you’ll be far more likely to facilitate a motivated, collaborative team:

  1. Always listen. This is crucial. If your employees have something to say about your work or the organization as a whole, positive or negative, you have to listen to them. They may have new insights or ideas for you—plus, listening shows you support them, and will keep them content with your organization longer.
  2. Force “team thinking.” If you want your employees to act as a team, you have to get them started thinking as a team. For example, you could set goals that apply to the whole company and reward the team as a group for achieving them. You could also just include more opportunities for intra-team mingling.
  3. Cater to the individual. Not everybody in your team is going to work well the same way. Some might be morning people, while some might be afternoon people. Some might like silence, and some might prefer music. Do your best to give each individual as much leniency and comfort as you can to maximize group productivity and satisfaction.
  4. Reward good work. When someone goes the extra mile or accomplishes something extraordinary, reward them—and do it publicly.
  5. Give and receive feedback. When someone does something wrong or incorrectly, pull them aside and let them know in a friendly way. It’s important to give your employees the potential to improve. Simultaneously, make yourself approachable for feedback—and don’t be afraid to improve yourself as a manager.

Follow these golden rules and you should have little trouble keeping all your employees under the same umbrella. Your team is what’s going to make your ideas a reality, so don’t neglect them.

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