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Published on April 21st, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Signs You Love Working at Your Startup Tech Companies

Working at a startup tech company is an experience like none other, and Dharmesh Shah, CTO of HubSpot, highlights what he loves best about his work.

Many entrepreneurs choose to start their own company because they want to do work they’re passionate about. While the life of an entrepreneur can be daunting, it is also very rewarding.

Dharmesh Shah, a founder and the current CTO of the former startup tech company and current major success HubSpot, outlines 14 signs that you love your job as a startup tech entrepreneur:

  1. Always talking about the cool things other people have done
  2. Thinking in terms of “getting to” do something rather than “having to” do it
  3. Seeing people as people
  4. Enjoying time you spend working
  5. Wanting to recommend such a job to your friends and family
  6. Enjoying the meetings you attend
  7. Thinking about winning rather than just surviving
  8. Seeing people as teammates, rather than people you work for or people who work for you
  9. Wanting to do well for your co-workers’ sakes
  10. Never looking at the clock
  11. Viewing success in terms of satisfaction rather than money
  12. Being excited to see your to-do list (at least parts of it)
  13. Helping others without hesitation
  14. Being unable to imagine working for someplace else

As the entrepreneur of your own company, you’ll have a lot more freedom and a lot more power than you would working for someone at a major tech company. While the items above can seem like qualities of an impossible dream job, they are the living experience of thousands of entrepreneurs who chose to create their own ideal work environment.

How to Turn Your Startup Tech Company into Your Dream Job

It’s a lot simpler than you might think. You have to start with an idea that you’re truly passionate about, and a mission you believe in as a human being. With a solid direction and a foundation with unlimited potential, you’ll have all the starting material you need for a happy, engaging workplace.

From there, you need to build a solid team, set an ambitious course, and make sure you keep doing what you do for the right reasons.

Click on the following link to read Dharmesh Shah’s article, 14 Revealing Signs You Love Your Startup Job

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