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Published on August 11th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


New Leadership Analysis for Startup Tech Companies

There are many theories on business leadership, but one new style of leadership analysis might hold the key to long-term results.

Everybody has a different style of management and leadership, and their level of success depends largely on their execution. Many leadership analysts have concocted various theories on what makes for successful leadership, but many of these analyses fail to hold up when applied to a broad test group or when put into practice.

Joseph Skursky, the President of Market Leader Solutions, proposes a new standard analysis for measuring effective leadership, and how entrepreneurs can use the information to improve their management abilities. Instead of focusing on what types of information to convey, what types of philosophies to spread, and how to best motivate your team, Skursky focuses on an essential truth that can make or break your course as a leader: people follow actions, not words.

It doesn’t matter how much praise or criticism you give, or how hard you try to motivate your team. Under Skursky’s model, the only thing that truly matters in a leadership position is how you conduct yourself around others.

In following this fundamental understanding, I believe there are several key takeaways entrepreneurs of startup tech companies can use to improve their own management styles:

  • Hold yourself to high standards—a little perfectionism in your behavior and work style can go a long way in influencing your workers
  • Follow up with people regularly in conversation, and hold people accountable for their actions
  • Commit yourself to high customer and client satisfaction by getting involved in customer service, even if it only constitutes a small portion of your time
  • Reward your workers based on their performance

Above all, the most important factor of successful business leadership is consistency. Without consistency, your team won’t know what to expect, and may come out confused and apathetic—especially if your messages do not match your actions. Take great care that your actions accurately convey your philosophies, and keep those actions consistent over time if you want them to truly influence or inspire your workers.

The original analysisby Joseph Skursky can be found here.

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