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Published on September 22nd, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


NASA’s Lessons on Social Media Marketing for Startup Tech Companies

NASA is a great organization renowned for its scientific minds, but it can also teach entrepreneurs about the importance of social media marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you have to draw information from many diverse sources in order to get a complete picture of a given audience or industry. It might seem strange that the social media efforts of a scientific governmental organization like NASA could hold great secrets to an effective social media marketing strategy for tech companies, but the reality is they’ve been enormously effective in their recent social efforts.

Social media writer Rick Mulready recently explored the potential impact of NASA’s social media strategies when applied in other fields, and he does a great job of highlighting some of NASA’s recent successes. He illustrates that NASA’s sweeping social presence, including 4.4 million Twitter followers, demonstrates the end results of a proper positioning campaign.

There are three major lessons for success in NASA’s strategy, and I’ve taken the time to apply those lessons to the world of startup technology:

  1. Give your product a voice. NASA spends a lot of time personalizing its missions. For instance, the Mars Curiosity Rover has its own dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts. As you start out, you’ll have only one brand voice, but as you branch out you might find an opportunity in giving your different products their own unique voices.
  2. Start conversations. NASA uses Google+ hangouts as Q&A sessions that engage its followers and encourage discussion. No matter what types of platforms you use for your startup tech company, make sure you engage your users through interaction.
  3. Start a reality show, or something like it. NASA’s reality shows are highly successful because they demonstrate the personalities of astronauts and mathematicians. You don’t need a reality show to do this though—instead, you can showcase your team’s personality through images and short video clips.

You don’t have to be as big as NASA to see positive effects from such an inbound strategy. You may not be able to host your own reality show, but you can infuse your social media accounts with a wealth of personality. The more quality content you can generate, the better results you see—just be consistent and conversational.

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photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via photopin cc

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