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Published on August 30th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Keys to Finding a Mentor for Startup Tech Companies

These keys to finding a mentor for your startup tech company can help you find the experienced consult you need to grow quickly and painlessly as a business.

Business mentors are not some magic solution that will tell you how to do everything right and instantly get your company to succeed. Mentors exist to help entrepreneurs avoid some of the common pitfalls that ruin young businesses and to give advice when you encounter something unfamiliar. Essentially, they’re there to guide you when you’re unacquainted with something.

But finding a mentor can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the business world and have only limited professional connections you can leverage. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had plenty of experiences sniffing out and working with mentors, and my experiences have been almost 100 percent successful. That’s why I’ve put together this brief guide on how to find a mentor for your startup tech companies.

Be Open                                                       

Don’t get stuck with a stubborn idea of where or how you will meet a mentor. Talk to many people, engage in many communities, and always be open for potential partnership opportunities.

Attend Networking Events

These are crucial to build your professional network. Keep an eye out for big networking events in your area, and attend them whenever possible. It’s a great way to meet new people and potential advisors to help you build your business.

Use Social Media

Social media pops up in my articles over and over—and for good reason! Finding a mentor on social media is the easiest strategy for those who do not currently have a strong professional network. Start reaching out to local experts on LinkedIn, and showcase some of your ideas on Twitter to begin attracting attention.

Send Cold Emails

It’s a somewhat old-fashioned strategy, but it works more often than you might imagine. Find reputable speakers and mentors online, and email them about your startup tech company. You never know who might be waiting for such an entrepreneur to come their way.

Put Down Some Cash

If you really find yourself struggling to find a mentor naturally, consider putting down some money as an investment in your business. Offer a fee for mentorship or advisory services, and see where the conversation and the relationship go from there.

While mentors aren’t a necessity for a startup tech business, they can help enormously. Spend some serious time finding an appropriate mentor for your tech business, and you’ll appreciate the results immediately.

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