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Published on July 10th, 2018 | by Jose Vasquez


How Startup Tech Company Founders Come Up With Their Ideas

Ideas drive entrepreneurship, so how do new entrepreneurs come up with those ingenious new ideas?

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs are able to come up with such innovative, game-changing ideas? Everywhere you look, there’s a device, an app, or a high-tech product that someone conjured into existence from nothing—or seemingly nothing.

The truth is, there are a handful of ways entrepreneurs come up with their brilliant ideas, and you can replicate most of them in your own life.


Never underestimate the power of downtime. You don’t come up with a brilliant flash of insight by constantly thinking about a problem; you come up with one in the shower, or during your drive into work, or during a long walk. Giving yourself downtime allows your mind to decompress, so you can naturally stumble upon new ideas and insights—so get plenty of rest, and let yourself become bored from time to time.

Mentors and Influencers

Ideas don’t get formed in a vacuum. The best entrepreneurs, and the most brilliant idea-generators, are people who surround themselves with other brilliant people. They have a team of mentors, and they look to historical movers and shakers to understand how other ideas have reshaped our society. Then, they build upon those experts and push forward.

Volume and Refinement

Make no mistake; the most brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs aren’t the ones coming up with a single great idea over the course of a lifetime. They’re the ones willing to come up with thousands of ideas, including thousands of bad ideas, and then whittle down the list to only the most relevant or highest-potential ideas. One of the best strategies you can use to think more creatively is to focus on volume; produce as many ideas as you can, even if they suck, and gradually weed out the bad ones.

Hopefully, you can use these strategies in your own life, whether you’re coming up with an idea for a company or trying to find an innovative solution to a problem your startup is facing. If you need a little extra help getting over that barrier, contact me today! I can coach you through the hardest parts of entrepreneurship.

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