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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Brand Rhetoric and Marketing Voice for Startup Tech Companies

Establishing a brand voice is essential for marketing startup tech companies, and brand rhetoric is the way to do it.

Your brand is your identity as a company. It is the image, the voice, and the reputation that people will come to associate with you, your business, and your products and services. With a quality brand, people will come to love and be loyal to your company—but too many entrepreneurs view their brand as simply a logo and a tagline.

In order to really establish your business’s brand, you’ll need a consistent marketing voice. That means establishing your tone, your target audience, your level of formality, and the color of your language—a difficult process for those unfamiliar with copywriting or content marketing.

Fortunately, with Quez Media I’ve developed a theory of brand rhetoric that helps simplify the process. Noting the lack of concrete literature on how to shape a company’s voice for content marketing, I wanted to create something easy and focused that entrepreneurs could follow in order to shape a unique and effective brand voice. Rhetoric is the study of the persuasiveness of language. While usually applied to historic texts and political speeches, rhetoric can also be applied to branding. By assessing and balancing these three elements of your voice, you’ll be able to create and finalize a solid brand voice:


Ethos is a term for an authoritative appeal. This element of brand rhetoric subtly displays your authority, using confident and assertive language and calling reference to past experiences. Using Ethos is beneficial in your brand voice to convey a sense of technological ability or competitive advantage.


Pathos is a term for emotional appeal. As an element of brand rhetoric, Pathos uses emotions to persuade your target audience. It might mean illustrating positive feelings associated with your product, or it might mean utilizing anger or fear against your competitors.


Logos is a straightforward logical appeal. It is the least charged style of language, using statistics, facts, and logical arguments to convey a sense and win over an audience. Depending on your intention, be sure to carefully balance Logos with Pathos or Ethos to add color and personality to your voice.

Consider these three areas of your brand rhetoric to shape your marketing voice. Once established, make sure your tone and focus stay consistent throughout every channel of your marketing campaign and brand communication.

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