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Published on May 16th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


Best Ways to Learn for Startup Tech Companies

New entrepreneurs of startup tech companies have lots to learn, no matter their background, but school might not always be the best option.

People learn in different ways. As entrepreneurs, we have to learn constantly in order to stay afloat. The best way to build a successful business is to learn quickly and efficiently—and a new paradigm shift favors independent learning over any academic environment.

Why School May Not Be Necessary

Dutifully taking notes at a desk in front of a teacher, surrounded by your peers, is a familiar scene in the academic landscape. But Kio Stark, author of the new book Don’t Go Back to School, is convinced that the most efficient types of learning happen outside the traditional academic environment. He argues that the most successful individuals, and the ones who learn most efficiently, are the ones who learn in a comfortable, happy, engaging environment—independent of any one institution.

The Benefits of Independent Learning for Businesspeople

Many people go to school or attend classes just for the end goal: getting a degree or similar credit. But for most professions, these credentials are becoming less important, or even completely unnecessary. Professionals seem to agree that the best candidates are the ones who learned their skills in a hands-on, experience-driven environment rather than a flat or uninspiring classroom.

Learning from experience or from a mentor in your chosen field is the best way to get a better grasp on your business.

Making It Work for Your Startup Tech Company

So as a new entrepreneur with lots to learn about the world of startup technology companies, where do you go? That’s largely up to you. You’re going to learn best in an environment you feel comfortable in, and with a subject that you’re passionate about. Meet new people, including professionals in your field, to learn from their experiences, and draw on the power of existing resources to build your knowledge base and immerse yourself in the tech industry.

The more you learn from others, the more power you’ll have to drive your business forward, even when you’re first starting out. Gather all the information you can and use it to take your business plan to a higher, more professional level.

Kio Stark’s excerpt’s from her new book,  “Don’t Go Back to School: a handbook for learning anything”

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