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Published on March 20th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


8 Reasons Startup Tech Companies Should Work with a Designer

Every startup tech company should work with a professional designer. No exceptions.

Most startup tech companies initially struggle with cash, making it difficult to find and retain a solid team. But even if you cannot afford to hire a dedicated professional designer as part of your starting lineup, it’s important to have professional designs for your company.

These are just a handful of reasons that demonstrate why professional design is essential for any startup technology company:

  1. People will judge you immediately. Your product is going to be used by hundreds or thousands of people. The quality of your design is going to be the first thing they note, and if it doesn’t impress them, they won’t waste time with your app.
  2. People are used to great designs. Apple, Google, and dozens of other major companies that use similar techniques have given people an expectation that any worthwhile technology will have a great design. They won’t settle for less.
  3. There is an overabundance of competition. Even if you target a niche market, competition is extremely high. The only way to stand out from your technological competitors is to present a different—and ideally, better—image.
  4. Consistency breeds loyalty. Eventually, your design will become familiar to your regular users. If done properly through professional design, users will be more likely to become hooked, and loyal to your brand.
  5. User experience is everything. Your technology might be state-of-the-art, but that will mean nothing unless it is wrapped in a beautiful, intuitively designed shell of user experience.
  6. Design can make the small appear big. Your company’s going to start out small, but it will need to appear large to be successful. Quality design can make that happen.
  7. Emotions matter. Your technology will address a need, but don’t underestimate the emotional impact your solution will offer. Use professional design to make your application an experience instead of just a tool.
  8. Design improves focus. Bringing in a professional designer could highlight potential long-term problems with your technology. Their eye for detail and commitment to professional appearance could help take your app toward a better direction.

There are many options for attaining professional design without hiring your own designer. You could work with a freelancer—just be careful not to work with someone who doesn’t have much experience or a respectable portfolio. You could also work with a professional design firm, which will help streamline your collateral and ensure a profitable engagement.

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