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Published on March 7th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


8 Little Phrases Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Work these eight little phrases into your vocabulary as an entrepreneur and see positive results in your team’s productivity and your company’s growth.

Subtleties of phrase have more meaning than most people realize. A difference in just a few words of a sentence could mean the difference between success and failure in a virtually limitless number of applications. Entrepreneurs need to pay close attention to the phrases they choose to use in front of their team and clients—but these eight are reliable standbys that have helped countless leaders get to the top:

  1. This is where we are. Take the time to explain the situation to those around you, whether they’re your teammates, investors, or clients. If there’s a problem, explain how it came about and why it is or isn’t a concern.
  2. Here’s my plan. Leadership is about finding ways to tackle difficult problems. If you let everyone know you have a plan moving forward, they’ll believe in you and want to follow through.
  3. Tell me more. The more informed you are as an entrepreneur, the better you’ll fare in the long run. When someone gives you information, ask for more until they’ve told you everything you need to hear.
  4. Let’s improve this. Oftentimes in business, things remain stagnant if they are moderately effective. But in order to grow, things need to constantly improve. Find ways to bring an atmosphere of constant refinement and improvement to your team.
  5. Great job! Acknowledge the triumphs of your team. It will build camaraderie and improve team morale.
  6. What else do you need? Your team members won’t always reach out if they feel their workload is difficult or impossible to accomplish. Whenever you assign a task or make a request, actively find out if there’s anything else your team needs to be successful.
  7. I’m counting on you. Let your team know how valuable they are. Tell them individually, or as a group, that their efforts are making a real impact on the eventual success of the business.
  8. I’m on it. Establish your position by letting your team know when you’re working on something important.

Don’t overuse them, but keep them in mind as you continue building your business.

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