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Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


7 Sins of Business Meetings in Startup Tech Companies

Meetings are essential for most businesses, but these seven meeting sins can ruin your team’s productivity if you don’t keep them in check.

Startup tech companies should and will meet often, especially for the first several years of growth. This includes meetings with investors, meetings with clients, and meetings with the team to confirm direction and hash out ideas. Meetings are great ways to collaborate as a business, but over time they can become bulky, unwanted tedious procedures—and you definitely need to avoid that.

Recently, business writer Lisa Girard identified seven “deadly sins” of business meetings that can take a productive, collaborative environment and turn it into something boring, irritating, or just plain unproductive. I’ve taken these sins and adapted them specifically for startup tech company entrepreneurs, so you can keep these potential qualities in check and maintain efficiency in your business meetings:

  1. The ritual problem. Having regular business meetings at a specific time can be a great way to stay regular and on-task, but it could also turn the meeting into a pointless ritual. Make sure you have an updated agenda if you do have a regular timeslot.
  2. The monologue problem. Your meetings can become a one-way conversation, or a lecture. Don’t let that happen. Make sure everyone in the meeting has something to bring to the table.
  3. The leaderless problem. Make sure you have a clear direction and a clear agenda for each and every meeting. Otherwise, you’ll have stragglers, people who aren’t up to speed, and no clear way to start the meeting.
  4. The negativity problem. Meetings can sometimes become talking points for everything that’s going wrong instead of what they should be—strategic opportunities to discuss solutions.
  5. The timing problem. Many meetings are held in the morning, when most employees are the most productive. Try to time your meetings so they don’t interrupt your team’s day.
  6. The environment problem. Sitting around a conference table does not stimulate creative thinking. Take a meeting on the go, or in a new environment, to cultivate new thoughts.
  7. The rigidity problem. Not having an agenda is bad, but having too strict an agenda is worse. Allow fluidity in your meetings so your team doesn’t get restless.

Avoid these sins to keep your meetings productive and worthwhile.

Check out the original feature here

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