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Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


5 Surprising Countries that Want Startup Tech Companies

Most tech entrepreneurs dream of starting and nurturing a tech company in the United States, but many countries are desperate to attract entrepreneurs to their territory.

The United States isn’t the only country interested in developing a strong base of technology entrepreneurs. An increasing number of nations are realizing that the key to securing a healthy economic growth rate is cutting-edge entrepreneurship, and as a result, they are doing everything they can to attract new entrepreneurs to their country.

A recent article from the Silicon Valley Business Journal explores this phenomenon by comparing the programs of five different countries. These five countries are some of the most notable presences, but governments all over the world are excited to encourage growth through startup technology and entrepreneurship.


Canada is offering a startup visa program that grants permanent residency to qualified foreign entrepreneurs—all you need is at least one year of college education, and a suitable amount of startup capital to get your business going.


Few people think of Singapore as a leading nation in technology development—but that could change with its recent entrepreneurial efforts. Their EntrePass visa program for qualified startup tech companies offers many benefits, including a 150-400 percent tax deduction on research and development for some types of companies.


Australia is another country comfortable for most English-speakers that is offering increased incentives for new entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the country. For those with at least $1 million of investment capital, Australia offers permanent residency.


Chile’s government started Start-Up Chile, a program that accepts and reviews applications from international entrepreneurs of companies less than two years old. Tech companies selected by the program receive $40,000, equity-free, in contributions from Chile.


Britain entices new entrepreneurs with temporary visas for any foreign startup founders who have at least £50,000 in venture funding. It’s a bit less enticing than some of the other offers on the list, but it also has one of the shortest requirements lists.

No matter where you decide to launch and grow your startup tech company, be sure to consider all your options. Tax laws, opportunity for growth, competitive landscapes, and native population are all important considering factors.

Read Lauren Hepler’s original story at Silicon Valley Business Journal



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3 Responses to 5 Surprising Countries that Want Startup Tech Companies

  1. Marvin McTaw says:

    Canada also offers a couple grant programs to help fund startup companies. One company I know has received roughly a million dollars in financing with little dilution. This can mostly be attributed to Canadian government grants for technology startups.

  2. Jose Vasquez says:

    That’s awesome, Peter! Is Barcelona offering any incentives for non-Spaniards moving to Spain to start a company?

  3. I would suggest Spain, and Barcelona in particular, should be in this list. There is an amazing startup energy here right now.

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