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Published on August 15th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


5 Rules for Bringing On New Team Members in a Startup Tech Company

Hiring is exciting, but you’ll need to follow these rules if you want to succeed.

At some point in your startup’s growth, you’ll need to hire some new people to the team. The hiring process is a bit urgent, and a bit stressful, especially if you’re dealing with an increased workload that needs to be covered. However, rushing through the process is only going to set you up for failure.

When bringing on new team members, make sure you follow these five important rules:

  1. Know your needs. First, take inventory of what your needs truly are. If you’re hiring just to expand your business, you’re likely to make a mistake. Instead, start from the ground level and sketch out the main needs that will need to be addressed. Then, find people who can fill those needs.
  2. Hire for talent, not experience. It’s tempting to look at a person’s past when hiring, and this can be a beneficial tool for evaluating your incoming candidates. However, it’s usually better to hire based on talent, rather than experience. Experience always comes with a higher cost, but talent will do the same job just as well.
  3. Don’t neglect personality. You’ll want to look at a person’s skills, capabilities, past, and references, but don’t neglect the personality of the person you’re interviewing. Is this a positive person? Do they seem passionate?
  4. Check the culture fit. In addition, you’ll want to consider whether this person is a cultural fit. Do their values align with the values of the brand? Do their work philosophies fit for your organization? How are they going to affect the other people in your company?
  5. Aim for long-term partnerships. If you’re rushing to fill a void, you may be tempted to hire whoever can serve your business’s short-term needs. However, it’s much better to hire for long-term partnerships; you’ll spare yourself more hiring down the road.

There’s no firm “right” or “wrong” answer for who you should hire for your team. There’s always going to be some degree of risk involved, and there will always be some factors beyond your control. However, if you can follow these five vital rules for successful hiring, you’ll end up with good people who can support your enterprise.

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