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Published on October 10th, 2017 | by Jose Vasquez


5 Rules for Beta Testing Your App in Startup Tech Companies

If you want to beta test your app, these are the rules you’ll need to follow to be successful.

Beta testing is a crucial process if you want your app to be successful. Designed to put your app in the hands of a limited number of users, it’s the last phase you’ll go through before formally launching your app to the masses.

You’ll have a handful of main goals during this process:

  • Discover bugs. You’ll want to discover any bugs in your app before it goes live.
  • Test the servers. Your servers should be tested under bigger and more burdensome conditions.
  • Get real user feedback. You need to see what “real” people think of the app.

But if you want to learn these things successfully, these are the rules you should follow:

  1. Get a diverse pool. However you find candidates for beta testing, make sure you end up with a diverse pool of people from multiple walks of life. If your beta testers are all similar, you’re not going to see the full picture of how your app works and how it’s received.
  2. Test under rigorous conditions. Don’t let your users just blindly fiddle around with the app. Give them access to everything, and allow them to push the app to its limit. In fact, they should be trying to break your app to test for weaknesses.
  3. Give little information about the app. Don’t overly explain what the app is or how it works—this is your chance to see if they can figure that out on their own.
  4. Don’t assume anything. Try not to go into the beta test with previously held assumptions, or it’s going to skew the data you interpret later on (thanks to confirmation bias).
  5. Gather both objective and subjective data. Get both objective and subjective data from your beta testers. For example, you may want to track their movements, but you’ll also want to interview them about their experience.

If you follow these rules, your beta test will go smoother—and you’ll gain more valuable information you can use to polish your app before it goes live.

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