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Published on September 11th, 2018 | by Jose Vasquez


5 Fundamental Rules for Better Morning Routines in Startup Tech Companies

Follow these rules for a better overall morning routine.

Your morning routine has the power to change your entire day. Not only does it constitute a few hours of “core” work, it also has the potential to set the course for your momentum, and establish your mood—which will affect your work in more ways than you might think.

If you want to make the most out of your mornings, and stop letting unproductive or frustrating moments ruin what could otherwise be a fruitful workday, make sure you follow these important rules:

  1. Have a plan. The night before, put together a plan for how you’re going to spend the first several hours of your morning. Leave plenty of flexibility and time between tasks so you aren’t stressed if things deviate from your outline, but it pays to set your priorities in advance.
  2. Take 30 minutes for non-work. Don’t immediately check your email upon waking up. Take 30 minutes, or longer, for non-work tasks that get you in the right mind state. That might mean meditating, or physically exercising, or reading a book you’re excited about. Any of these strategies can be useful.
  3. Fuel your body. Don’t come into work without the right fuel to power your thinking and actions. Ideally, you’ll eat a complete breakfast full of protein and complex carbohydrates. If you’re in a rush, some fruit can do in a pinch—and of course, I can’t help but recommend a dose of caffeine.
  4. Maximize your commute. For most entrepreneurs, your commute is wasted time, so try to make the most of it. Listen to an audiobook or podcast to get your creative gears turning, or bike into work to squeeze your workout in simultaneously.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude. Positive or negative, your attitude will be contagious—and a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter what stressors (like traffic or holdups) you face in the morning, use positive self-affirmations to stay in a positive mindset.

If you can follow these rules, I guarantee your mornings at your startup tech company will feel better and be more productive. If you’re interested in learning more ways to maximize your results, contact me for a free consultation today!

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is a serial entrepreneur and tech specialist dedicated to helping startup tech companies grow and succeed. As the founder of Build. Brand. Blast., Jose has worked with dozens of enterprises to find direction, gain momentum, and achieve results.

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