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Published on March 19th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


5 Best Qualities of Startup Tech Companies Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs in the world of startup technology usually share a handful of qualities that drive them to the top of the industry.

Entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative and visionary people in the world, especially in the world of startup technology companies. While much of a startup tech company’s success is determined by the strength of the ideas propelling it and the experience of the team executing that plan, there are five major qualities of successful entrepreneurs that are commonly seen.

  1. Motivated. Successful startup entrepreneurs are highly self-motivated. They are intrinsically driven by a vision or a mission, completely energized on their own. Many entrepreneurs are motivated by the thought of making lots of money or becoming a sensation, but proper motivation is less materialistic and far more powerful.
  2. Willing to Take Risks. No entrepreneur ever becomes successful without first taking significant risks. Don’t let a fear of failure hold you back from taking chances. Just don’t mistake risk taking for recklessness—make sure all your risks are carefully calculated.
  3. Competitive. Entrepreneurs tend to be very competitive, hungry to become the best. The competitive edge of successful entrepreneurs allows them to keenly assess the marketplace before breaking in. The better you understand your competitors and how they operate, the more likely you will be to surpass them through your own unique endeavors.
  4. Eager to Learn. As a startup tech entrepreneur, you need to have a constant drive to learn new things. Always work on improving yourself as a leader and as a businessman, constantly refining your communication and teambuilding skills. More importantly, stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends lest you get left in the dust.
  5. Committed. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who are truly dedicated to their enterprise. You might lose some sleep and spend more hours working than most, but the end results will be much more significant than if you split your attention with something else.

You don’t have to change your personality to become a successful entrepreneur, but you might have to refocus your mentalities. Stay focused and stay dedicated, and the rest will follow in time.

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