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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Jose Vasquez


4 Ways to Use Slideshows for Startup Tech Companies

Slideshows are useful for more than just high school presentations—they can help promote and develop your startup tech company in ways you might not have considered.

The art of the slideshow has diminished in some aspects, with other multimedia applications rising to dominance in the world of marketing and advertising. However, slideshows are still relevant, easily built visual elements that can really propel your startup tech company to reach new audiences.

Consider the recently written article by tech guru Amy Gahran, where the writer outlines five somewhat unconventional ways that businesses can still use digital slideshows. While it’s an excellently written synopsis of what businesses can do with an expertly designed slideshow, I feel there are really four main applications that startup tech entrepreneurs can use:

  1. Tell Your Story. Everyone loves a good story, especially a personal one. Tell the story of your company from the ground up, or if you’re really new tell your history as an entrepreneur. Use personal imagery to build an emotional appeal, and be genuine in the message you want to convey—without forgetting to explain the value of your new company.
  2. Present Your Expertise. Use infographics or other visual demonstrations to accurately and concisely present an argument for why you’re an expert in your field. Appeal to people’s desire for expertise and make sure you eclipse your competition.
  3. Find Investors. Slideshows are a very efficient means of presentation for investors as well. Distribute to a close list of potential high-end investors, or use your slideshow as a piece of collateral in a crowdfunding campaign. Explain your business and why someone could value from investing with logical arguments and solid numbers.
  4. Build Your Team. If you need a mentor or advisor, or if you’re ready to hire a team of talented people, make a slideshow to show off the best aspects of your company and make a call for people to apply or get in touch.

With the right approach, you can use one slideshow to cover more than one of the above potential applications. Make sure you keep your branding consistent throughout the presentation, and of course make sure it looks professional. With the right distribution, you could really accelerate interest in your company.

Check out the original story, too!

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